Changing Apache and PHP versions on WHM


So, apparently I’m stuck with WHM & CPanel for a time being, so let’s make a full use of it. On my previous post I mentioned that I was required to transfer a CodeIgniter-based website to a new box. The original VPS host was built around 2013 and it uses CentOS 5.x, Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.4 while the new box has the spiffier CentOS 6.6, Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5. Which happens to bork the website. There are several functions that were deprecated between PHP 5.4 and 5.5, and this specific CodeIgniter version has to have PHP 5.4

So I have to downgrade, and it’s not that easy, since this is a CPanel infested VPS node.


Log into your WHM panel, and at the top left search box, type “software”. Look for “Software” section on the left sidebar, and click on it to go the software panel.

The search for software

Click on “EasyApache 3” ( or 4 if you use that)

softwarelistAfter EasyApache 3 loads, find the Basic Apache 2.4 profile, and find and the gear icon at its’ left to customize the profile.

apache24Select your preferred Apache version. I’ll pick a newer one if I were you. Press “Next Step”

selectapache….then select the PHP version. Since the codes only work with PHP 5.4, I went for… PHP 5.4, and press “Next Step”


Review the modules, add anything that you want. I picked ModSecurity.

confirmModulesPress “Save and Build”, and confirm your selection.

confirmSelectionGet a cup of coffee or finish your laundry, since it will be a while before you can get back to your box again.


After the build is done, you can start configuring your website.

…And we’re done!


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