Publishing a Webmethod IS WSDL behind a NAT

So I need to publish a webservice to one of our business partner. For security (through obscurity, HA!) we decided to put the ESB behind NAT. Obviously, WSDL generated by Webmethods will point to the original IP, instead to the newly assigned NAT IP. Check your WSDL for to see which IP is used on the WSDL OK, after the NAT and ACL on the network layer are established, we need to configure the webservice to recognize the NAT IP, with Webservice alias.For the record, the guide is created with Webmethods IS 9.6. alias To do that, log into the Webmethod IS console, head to Settings, and then Web Services. Next click on “Create Web Service Endpoint Alias”. “Alias” should be filled with the name of the alias, put something to identify the alias on the “Description”. Put the NAT IP address to the “Host Name or IP Address” and the port on “Port Number”. Press the “Save Changes” button to create the Web service Alias. Don’t forget to open the ACL access to that port on the Security/ACL section. Now, to the Designer! Find the service adapter, right click , and select “Refresh” to refresh the IDE, and then double-click to open the service adapter on the Shared Area. Go to the Binder tab, and tap on the Web Service binder, so that the Binder’s properties appear on the Properties window. Find the “Port Alias” parameter, and change it to the Alias we’ve created on the previous step. alias2 Additionally, I have created a Youtube video on how to set Web Service Alias on Webmethod IS, please view it on fullscreen, the fonts are kind of a bit tiny, since i recorded it on a 1080p dekstop:


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  1. Har_leys says:

    at least petunjuk yang ini gak ada kata kata “klik create lalu abaikan” 😛

    1. ikhsan says:

      Gyahahahaha 😀 Asal jangan diabaikan petunjuknya 😀

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