How to modify Active Directory Objects in bulk

Need to modify the maximum size of incoming messages for 100 users in Exchange? Well AdModify is your friend. AdModify lets you search for certain type of users using LDAP query in Actice Directory, and change their attributes. Just download either version (the.NET version obviously requires you to have .NET framework installed on the source and target server), unzip, and double click admodify.exe to start the program

ADModify start screen

To begin, select “Modify Existing User’s Attributes”, and press next. Select one of the domain controller from the dropdown list

Select the domain controller

Select the OU that contains the targeted objects. Also check the “Traverse subcontainers when enumerating users” option. Press the advance button to enter the LDAP query.

Select the OU

A new window will pop-up, type the query. In my case, I want to select all users with Manager in their AD account description, so the query should look like this:


press OK to submit the query.

Insert the LDAP Query

Press the Add to List button to start the query and list the result on the right pane. Examine wether the result of the query matches your expectation, press the select All button, and then, press the Next button to go to the “Modify active directory users” window

Modify the attributes

Find the attributes that you wish to change from the tabs. You can change several Exchange related attributes from the “Exchange General” and “Exchange General Continued” tabs. In My case, I’m changing the maximum size of  inbound message. Press the  Change button to start the modification.


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