Island Hopping

I spent my last holiday on October last year on Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Well it’s close to a shopping spree than a vacation. Then My friend Ebbie posted an invitation on plurk regarding a trip to Krakatau and Ujung Kulon. With Data Center migration project looming in the near future,  I jumped and signed myself in right away.

Based on my previous outdoor trip to Pulau Pramuka, I packed my 70-300, and the 28-80 to my gear list alongside the DA14 for landscaping.

It’s been a while since I went out of the city, and I was mesmerised right a way with how blue the sky is when it was cleared out of smog and pollution, how clear I can see the star when it wasn’t obstructed by city lights and powerline. The air was so fresh, and everything was so nice. The only thing that I miss from the city is clean toilets 😀

The trip started with a 3 hour boat trip to Cabe Lagoon at Rakata.

Somewhere between Carita & Cabe Lagoon
Somewhere between Carita & Cabe Lagoon

Shalat Dzuhur at the shore of Rakata
Another 3-4 hour boat trip took us to the anak Krakatau island. We went trekking to the hillside of the volcano, and spent the night on the shore of anak krakatau.
Trekking to the hillside of Anak Krakatau
Half way to the hillside of Anak Krakatau
The next day, due to storm, we ended up omitting Ujung Kulon (Panaitan & Peucang) from our list, back to Carita and spent the night there.
Map courtesy of Google Map & Abi Gembil

We finished the trip by visiting Tanjung Lesung for beaching and snorkelling on the next day

Tanjung Lesung
Ebbie and the 20D with 10-22

And yeah,  I’m loving the DA14 so much and use it almost exclusively.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ebbie says:

    ayaaaa…. kamera lo sungguh menggodaaaaa…..

  2. kampret says:

    heum, ini hasil pentax? Lumayan ya? mulayan buangettt!

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