Can you spare a dime, sir?

This is one of the reason that why I rarely gave my hard-earned money to beggars.

Yes, when you have to beg for money so that you can eat, the first thing that you have to buy is ofcourse.. a cigarette..

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  1. NaTaLie says:

    yah kalo niat and ikhlas ngasih siy … ya udah lah.Terserah juga mau dipake buat apa? =p

  2. NaTaLie says:

    eh, tapi seuju satu hal : MEROKOK TIDAK BAIK UNTUK KESEHATAN !!!!

  3. Khomeini says:

    giving them money won’t help them…it would make them worse instead as it would raise up their laziness…!

    nevertheless..i would still think that it’s appropriate for giving something when a street-child begging me for money..but, that’s only for a street-child..

  4. Ikhsan says:

    haha 😀
    I guess I am a bit biased over smokers 🙂

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