New Approach in Payment Collection Strategy

So the Collection Department of the company that I work for (whose primary task is to collect payment from our clients) have decided to take a drastic turn and deploy a new approach on payment collecting, by hiring a new kind of collector team. They are told not even to smile to our customer!

Rela deh Kalo Debt Collectornya kaya gini 😛

Kidding 😀

These fine ladies are a friend of mine from the company that I work for. The pic was taken at Bayu’s wedding reception.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. donramon says:

    hehehe…. tetep serem kali ye…. gue rasa mendingan sama yang laki2 aja… lebih bisa diajak kompromi….

  2. mz lee says:

    ya ampuunnn kocak bgt sih..
    btw.. kok ga ada email dr HRDya kl sy pindah dept

  3. Ikhsan says:

    You looked gorgeous on that pic btw 😀

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