Finally I was able to get my hand around one of these beauties. The body is made of plastic, and feels kind of woobly. The smooth surface of the focussing ring feels awkward to use, having tried the smooth M 50mm. Also the aperture ring makes a pretty loud clickng noise when turned.

Here’s the side by side comparison of the lens with my SMC P-M 50mm

As for image quality, the lens is a bit soft on F1.4, but very sharp when stopped down. Oh and I love the color rendetion of this lens. Seldom I feel the urge to fiddle the result taken by this lense.

The lens is perfect for portrait, and the large aperture helps a lot when taking photos on room light.

Here’s some sample I took with the FA 50mm

Anyway, I’m very delighted with the result that this lens gave me 🙂


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